I already have a traditional post-pay account, can I switch to prepay electric service?

Yes, you can switch to prepay electric service even if you already have service at Rayle EMC. Any existing deposits will be applied to your outstanding balance owed and a new prepay account will be set up. Members that have an overdue balance and wish to convert their account to prepay can pay the balance in full prior to converting or choose the Debt Management option (up to the current limit) of prepay electric service.

Are there any deposits or penalties?

Unlike traditional post-pay accounts prepay electric service does not require a member deposit. Prepay accounts are not penalized for disconnects and reconnects.

What does it cost?

Prepay electric service uses the same rate as post-pay service so the only additional cost to signing up for prepay is an additional $5 per month to cover the additional meter cost. Existing members can convert their accounts to prepay electric service by agreeing to the application terms and placing a minimum of $50 credit balance on the account for daily usage. New members with no application on file will be required to pay a membership fee of $5, an account setup fee of $35, and minimum of $50 credit balance for daily usage.

Who can participate?

Members that have a single phase, non-demand residential account with a service that accepts a 200 Amp rated meter are eligible. Members who have household members with medical conditions or other unique situations must determine whether Prepaid Metering is appropriate for their needs.

How does prepay electric service work?

Unlike traditional post-pay accounts prepay electric service accounts allow members to pay for their electricity before they use it. This approach gives the member more flexibility and control over the use of electricity. It allows members to avoid deposits and fees, customize their payment schedule, purchase energy when convenient, and monitor their electricity consumption in a self-managed program.