How do I reconnect my power if it’s been disconnected?

Members can recharge their account at any time, day or night, using the internet online portal, by phone or at a Rayle EMC office during normal business hours. Once a payment is processed (restoring a credit balance of $50) service will be automatically restored within 30 minutes.

What happens if my account runs out?

If a member’s account balance runs below a $10 credit, the service will lapse and automatically disconnect. Members will receive a low balance alert prior to being disconnected, and will receive another alert once the once the power has been disconnected.

How do I know when my account is running low?

When a member signs up for prepay electric service they will be allowed to set up alerts and reminders on their account. Alerts can be sent in any combination using text message or email. Available alerts include: Low Balance Threshold, Service Connected, Service Disconnected, Service Reconnected, Payment Confirmation, Return Check Alert, and Balance and Usage Alert.

Where do I signup?

New and existing members can apply for prepay electric service at any Rayle EMC office. An application must be completed and signed to enroll in prepay electric service program.