Customer Service

How does the Automated Meter Reading work?

We send a signal from our office to each individual meter, and it sends back its reading over our electric lines.

What are my payment options?

Rayle EMC offers several different ways to make payments. Consumers may pay by credit card, cash, money order or check at the Washington, Lexington, or Greensboro office or by mailing it in with payment stub. Members may also pay online or by phone with a check, debit or credit card (Rayle EMC accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover).

Rayle EMC customers may also set their accounts up on draft. The bill is drafted the day it is due from either a bank account or a credit card. Customers still receive a bill notifying them of the amount and the due date. You can sign up for Automatic Bank Draft by completing a form which is available at any one of our three locations. Simply bring or mail the completed form to the nearest office, along with a voided or cancelled check to complete the sign-up process.

When will my power be cut off for non-payment?

Accounts are subject to disconnection at any time after the due date. Customer Resource Managers do not have the reading schedule for meters. The only way to guarantee there is no interruption in your service due to non-payment is to remit the bill in full by the due date.

Where can I pay my bill?

Rayle EMC offers many different payment options. You may set up your account on bank or credit card draft, pay over the phone or Internet with a debit or credit card or submit a check by mail. Customers also have the option of paying at one of our offices, just click here for locations.

Power Outage

How is the power restored?

At one time or another, every electric consumer has had the electricty go out during bad weather. Rayle EMC strives to keep the power on for every member of the cooperative. However, despite all efforts, no utility can guarantee uninterrupted service.

Limbs and trees falling on the power lines are most often the cause of outages in ice, snow or wind storms. In some cases, some part of Rayle EMC’s service area suffers more damage than other areas. Rayle EMC’s lines traverse many miles of rural areas and are exposed to more of nature’s forces than comparable lines in a town or city. Crews are dispatched to each area depending on the amount of outages.

How long will it be before my power is restored?

During an outage, Rayle EMC crews are working around the clock to restore power as quickly and efficiently as possible to all customers. The more severe a storm, the longer it could be to restore power. If main lines are down, then they have to be repaired before service can be restored to neighborhoods and to individual homes

Why am I the only one with power out on my street?

If you are the only house on your street without power, then it is possible that something has fallen on the service line to your house, or the power to your house comes from a different location than your neighbors. Call Rayle EMC at 706-678-2116 to report your outage and power will be restored as quickly as possible.